How to run Sage 9.2 on MacOS Catalina

How to run Sage 9.2 on MacOS Catalina

I went to the SageMath official site. However, after the installation, I started the sage server, and it had issues with Python 3.8 and ssl.
The solution I found is to use conda to install Sage 9.2. In order to do that we need to run these commands
1. Install Miniconda (using a Python 3.8 installer from ) 1.1. Open a new Terminal. Conda should be active there (you'll see (base) in the prompt) 2. conda install mamba -c conda-forge # installs mamba 3. mamba create -n sage sage -c conda-forge # replaces "conda create..." 4. conda activate sage 5. sage -n # launches a Jupyter
It works!
Have a great day!